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TitleMagnolia Pickle Festival
Place nameHistoric Downtown Depot District
Date start11.02.2013 (1967 Days Ago)
Date end11.02.2013 (1967 Days Ago)

Magnolia Pickle Festival


Magnolia hosts the annual Pickle Festival each year on the first Saturday in November.  The Festival celebrates the history of the pickle in Magnolia.


The Festival includes rides and live entertainment as well as a variety of vendor booths featuring but handcrafted items and homemade pickles and relishes.  Many food vendors are on-site selling anything from corndogs to jambalaya and funnel cakes.  A parade is held on Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. that is a fun, family-oriented event.


History of the Magnolia Pickle


From the 1930's to the 1970's, the cucumber was an important cash crop for the citizens of Magnolia.  many people still remember loading the cucumbers upon wagons or trucks and taking them to the Pickle Factory, once located in Magnolia on the corner of East Holly Street and West Railroad Avenue.


The Magnolia Pickle Festival was created by James Harris, founder of the Magnolia Pilgrimage Club, in order to educate and foster pride in the role our cucumbers had as a vital part of our past, while showcasing our local citizens' talents for canning and creating culinary delights from the famous cucumber.


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