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Circa - 1885


D.M. Huff who owned the Magnolia Gazette from 1887-1900 had Mr. Frederick Hoke build this house around 1885.  Mr. Huff married Ella Mae Hoke in 1893.  The house is known for its special hard plaster walls. 


Mr. John Brisbane came to Magnolia in 1898 and set up business as a wheelwright and blacksmith.  Mr. Brisbane's daughter, Grace, married Booth Vaugh, the son of Mr. and Mrs. David Vaugh and grandson of Ansel Prewitt.  For a time, the upstairs rooms were rented to train passengers.


The home is currently occupied and restored by Mr. John J. McNeil and houses his law practice.



Circa - 1865


This Greek Revival cottage was built by Frederick Hoke and is the old J.E. Wolfe home.  Mr. Wolfe was a store owner and originated Peoples Bank.


The home is currently owned by Mrs. W.J. Simmons whose late husband was the longest serving Mayor of Magnolia.  The Simmons' are direct descendants of Mr. Frederick Hoke.



Circa - 1900


This building is one of the oldest and last standing of the late Victorian Social Clubs in Mississippi.  These were popular clubs for both sexes until the 1920's.


The Stonewall Club began as a businessmen's club called the Pine Leaf Club.  By 1914, the name was changed to the Stonewall Club.  Popular opinion says that the name was changed to honor Confederate warrior, Stonewall Jackson.  A large Confederate reunion was held in Magnolia for Confederate Veterans in 1914.


This building is currently owned by Dr. and Mrs. David Snow who maintain their residence there.



Mr. Henry Gottig donated a 400' x 400' plot of land for the courthouse and C.C. Gibson was commissioned as the architect and builder.  The original courthouse was built in 1876.  That building and all the county records were detroyed in a fire in 1881.  A new brick building was built in 1883.  In 1917, the courthouse was remodeled to look as it does today.  It was remodeled again in 1965-66 with courtrooms being redecorated in 1974.



Circa - 1900


This home was built for Captain W.W. Stevens who became a sawmill operator.  The original "barge boards" are on the side and front gables.  This home is the best example in Magnolia of a one-story, decorative, high elevation house.


Previous owners were Madison Holmes and his son, Wendell Holmes, who were both long serving circuit clerks for Pike County.


Current owners are Mr. and Mrs. Lem Mitchell.



Circa - 1856


This is one of the oldest homes in Magnolia.  This Greek Revival cottage was built for Dr. T.J. Everette.


In 1875, Mr. Henry Gottig bought the home.  Mr. Gottig was an important merchant in the area and also bought the famous Central House Hotel just after the Civil War.  Mr. Gottig also donated the land on which to build the county courthouse.


Around 1930, Mr. William A. Bilbo, Jr. and his wife, Linda Brumfield Bilbo, purchased the home.  Mr. Bilbo was a teacher in his early years and then a cashier for Magnolia Cotton Oil Company and the Magnolia Bank before going into business for himself as Magnolia Feed & Seed store and raising registered Jersey cows.


Current owner is Mrs. Glenda Baustian.


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